K.R.E. The King releases 'Mama Don't Worry'

February 24, 2017
K.R.E. The King

Emerging artiste K.R.E. The King is thrilled with the positive feedback that he has been getting from his latest effort, 'Mama Don't Worry'.

The song was officially released worldwide on February 15.

K.R.E. The King sings an ode to his mother, telling her that even though things are hard, the conditions will improve and things will get better.

"It's a song that's reflecting on the struggles of life. We all go through hardship at some point, and this song is a true testament to that. This song is very dear to me because it is personal. I have seen my mother go through so many struggles and I really want to tell her to just keep strong, through this song," he said.

The artiste, who hails from Clarendon, is hoping that this song will be the one to propel his career to the next point and give him recognition in the music business.

The song has been enjoying steady rotation, especially in Africa, and has been gaining steam in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

"We have been getting feedback for all over the world, so much so that we had to do an official video. We get daily updates from social media with positive feedback, and I am very excited about that," said K.R.E. The King.

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