Politicians are the root of crime - Nuffy

February 24, 2017

Popular MC and radio host MC Nuffy wants politicians to take responsibility for giving birth to crime and violence instead of blaming the music.
Nuffy's message comes after comments on music's impact by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, and former government minister Lisa Hanna.
Nuffy believes politicians should own up to their own dirty work.
"Politicians are hypocrites and they are the real dons. They are the breeder, mother and father for crime. No don in any inner city represents themselves in any area. As a person that grew in the inner city, I know that no don acts on his own. Every time election comes around, you will see that same area don representing a political party," he said.
He also pointed to the demise of downtown Kingston and expressed that political warfare was the root of the problem.

"They breed the crime downtown in the 70s and 80s, and when they gain power they move away from the people and go live uptown and make business in Half-Way Tree and New Kingston," he said.

The MC believes the police are well aware that gangsters represent political parties.

"If a don don't want to hear what the politician is saying, the politician usually sends the police to get rid of that don and make another don. So why are they trying to use dancehall music to mask this?" Nuffy said.

The MC also blasted Hanna for calling for a discussion on whether Vybz Kartel's music should be banned from the airwaves.


White-collar crime


"Everything unno blame Kartel, him do this, is him do that. What about unno wid unno white collar crime? Leave the youth mek him serve him time inna peace," he said.

In a release last night, the Broadcasting Commission said it "shared public concerns that the airwaves should not be used in a manner which is celebratory of a person convicted for murder. However, there is no provision in law barring the transmission of music, simply because it was created by a convicted person."

The release further stated that "only if it were proved that the music was created in contravention of a law governing the Correctional Services and a broadcaster knowingly facilitated that contravention, could there be a lawful determination that the broadcasting rules were breached."

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