Chiney K launches season three of 'On My Mind'

February 25, 2017
Contributed Chiney K

Last year, Jamaica-born social media personality Kerry-Ann 'Chiney K' Collins told THE STAR that she wanted to extend her travels, taking her online vlog series to Africa, France, and other small islands in the Caribbean.

This year, the young documentarian kicks off the third season of Chiney K's On My Mind in Cuba.

"I am really excited about it! I wanted to launch in a different way this season," she told THE STAR.

The series is a vox-pop style entertainment and opinion vlog, originally developed by Chiney K as a video diary, where she asks herself a question, immediately thereafter revealing the answer.

Now, she takes to the streets with microphone and camera in tow, inviting the public into this diary, collecting all the other thoughts she can.


"I think it's important to hear what people are saying in different cultures. It's interesting to hear how people even process questions differently. This season is looking out to be my best, out of the previous ones," she said.

Chiney K revealed the series will visit more states and more countries for better and more exciting episodes.

"I gave the series a facelift, with a new logo, new microphone flag to match, and even a new introduction sequence. Without giving away too much, my viewers can expect international celebrity interviews, more relatable content from Jamaica and other countries. This season, I really listened to what the fans wanted and I incorporated that," she told THE STAR.

Chiney K will also be introducing 'daily vlogs,' so fans can get to see behind-the-scenes footage and the daily happenings of her life.

The third season of Chiney K's On My Mind series premiered on Thursday on the Chiney K YouTube channel.

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