Reggae needs more promotion - Ku-J

February 27, 2017

Canada-based reggae artiste Ku- J believes that more promotion can result in the increase of reggae music sales.

Reggae sales are at an all-time low, following the death of the vinyl industry and the birth of the digital era. However, with the backing of major labels and the support of fans, the artiste believes success can be achieved.

"The improvement of sales for reggae is a very broad topic. However, my summarised answer is that the music needs more promotion. We need the support of mainstream labels for promotion so that it can reach audiences that don't go out of their way to know what's going on in the world of reggae," he told THE STAR.

"The genre itself is loved all over the globe, but it doesn't receive the same push as its other musical counterparts. The consumers of reggae need to actually buy the music. Other genres outsell reggae because their fans actually spend their money buying albums."


Show respect


As for the young talents coming out of Jamaica, Ku-J is encouraging the youth to research the music industry before embarking on a full-fledged career.

"My advice to up-and-coming artistes would be to learn as much about this industry as possible. That way it will be harder for people to fool and take advantage of you. You should always be and remain determined, show respect to yourself, your craft, and to others. Last, but not least, don't be ungrateful," he said.

Ku- J is also promoting a new single, No 45, which denounces act of carrying weapons to entertainment events. The singer believes entertainment events should provide joy instead of grief.

"The song was inspired by real life events. It is common now that many people attend parties with guns, and the song talks against that action. Parties are about having fun and being happy. It's all about joyful energy. Guns carry destructive energy. So for one to attend a party with a firearm simply means that your intention isn't solely to have fun. Most importantly, if it so happens that you use it. The dance will be cut short and everyone's night along with it," he said.

Ku- J is also looking to spread his music globally instead of focusing on only reggae's key markets.

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