Car sound craze hits city

February 28, 2017
One of the motor vehicles that turned up at House of Dancehall in Kingston for a car sound clash on Saturday.
One of the motor vehicles that turned up at House of Dancehall in Kingston for a car sound clash on Saturday.
Car sound systems can be very expensive.

The motor car sound-system industry is said to be a growing one. Ahkeel Bryan, events manager at the House of Dancehall, told THE STAR that there is a trend to hire cars to provide entertainment at some venues.

"If you go to certain parties, they don't string up no big sound again. They just hire a car sound and they drive in play and drive out. As simple as that," Bryan said.

The popularity of the car sound clash was underscored last Saturday when House of Dancehall hosted a sound clash dubbed the Beat and Teach Edition at Cargill Avenue, Kingston.

Eighteen car sound systems participated in the event.

"You have several car sounds in the Corporate Area ,so why not make them clash same like how we had Merciless and Ninja Man clashing here. People love the concept, and this is our second one and as you can see, the audience has been growing with each staging," he said.




Owners of car sound system said that the venture is not cheap to develop or manage. Some told THE STAR that a car sound system may require as much as four separate batteries to power the heavy equipment.

"This system costs about half a million dollars, and it is worth the investment because it gives me comfort," Kymani Gayle, owner of Wary Wary told THE STAR.

Selector Clean Sweep told THE STAR that the entire unit had cost him $1.3 million to put together.

"I am even upgrading my system right now to enter even bigger clash and to improve bookings for round robin and dances. It's a young sound, but I have already won three awards. I use regular batteries with a charger. All I do is just lock it off when mi nah play," Clean Sweep told THE STAR.

The owner of Real Maffia International, which was among the car sound systems that got a good reception at the clash, said some car sound systems value more than the car.

"I use four batteries and some people use more or less. It depends on how much equipment you use .... Sometimes a man a drive a car and the sound value more than the car. But this gives you personal satisfaction as well, so you don't watch the price," he said.

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