Agent Sasco jets off on European spring tour

March 03, 2017
@Normal:Agent Sasco

With the hope to take advantage of warming weather conditions and 'Springbreakers', Agent Sasco makes his way to Europe for a two and a half week-long promotional tour for his latest album, 'The Theory of Reggaetivity'.

Sasco's first show stop will be in Bologna, Italy, after which he travels to Mannheim, Germany. The artiste will then pause in Marseilles, France, his touring band's hometown, to spend a few days rehearsing.

The tour will then travel back to Germany for a stop in Willich, then on to Switzerland for stops in Geneva and Zurich.

After a stop in Prague, Czech Republic, Sasco will double back to Germany for stops in Munich, Dortmund and Vienna. The first leg of the tour will conclude in Antwerp, Belgium.

Sasco will be travelling with French reggae band, Dub Akon, with whom he did shows and festivals last summer. H said he wanted to take the Sound Agents (his own local band) along with him this summer for the tour's second leg.


"These tours serve to build on a moment and keep up momentum," the deejay told THE WEEKEND STAR. "This is just the first leg of the tour. This is the Spring warm-up, and we'll be back in the summer, more expensively," he said.

Immediately after touring, Sasco has scheduled some studio time in New York for a few days to work on his next album.

"I'm really excited about it. There's enough material to put out an album out, but I like to do as much I can," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

His own label, Boardhouse Records will be producing some of the tracks on the album, along with veteran producers John John, Tony Kelly, Donovan Germaine, Niko Brown, and Jah Snowcone.

"It's still early days, but it's designed around when I fell in love with music in general, but specifically reggae and dancehall. The whole mood of the album will be inspired by that time," he said.

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