Foota Hype claims 'uptown' backlash after attack on beauty queen

March 04, 2017
File Foota Hype
Kaci Fennell

Popular dancehall producer DJ Foota Hype is alleging that persons have suggested they would ensure he loses his travel privileges following his criticisms of former Miss Jamaica Universe Kaci Fennell.

Foota Hype this week said Fennell, who was in Trinidad for carnival, had degraded herself because of the revealing constume she wore.

"I expected the backlash. They do the same thing to dancehall," Foota Hype said after he found himself on the receiving end of a flurry of negative comments.

He said that he his detractors are "simply elites and upper class who want to cow us down."

"They even threatened to have my travelling rights taken away all because I defend dancehall but that don't scare me," said Foota Hype.

He, however, did not say who threatened to take away his travel rights and how it would be done.

Foota Hype was caustic in his comments about Fennell.

"I don't care if this is Miss Jamaica or Miss World this nuh look good. Yu favour idiot , carnival mek u degrade yuself exposing yuself smfh. Better yu did come a one dance Inna one bat*$y rider," he posted on social media.

Fennell took offence to Foota Hype's criticism and opined that the DJ was tearing down women.

absolutely unacceptable

"Instead of us celebrating us they tear us down, this type of man makes women second guess themselves and that is absolutely unacceptable because our women are heaven sent and it saddens me that situations like this lower their self esteem," she responded.

Since then, Foota Hype said he was simply showing the double standard between soca and dancehall as it relates to the upper-class.

"They don't understand that this is not about Kaci, this is bigger than Kaci. I was looking at the bigger picture...I am sure if I put up the picture of Kaci and Spice beside each other people would agree that Kaci looked more degrading," Foota Hype said.

"I totally respect women and I also believe women must respect themselves...At the end of the day I did not go to Kaci's house and peep through her window and take the photo. She made it available for the world to see. And as I said, I didn't attack her, she was a victim of proof that dancehall has endured double standard," he said.

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