Anthony Cruz starts campaign to fight domestic violence

March 09, 2017
Anthony Cruz
Shanice Smith, the daughter of Anthony Cruz.

Reggae singer Anthony Cruz wants to end the culture of secrecy that allows the scourge of domestic violence to flourish and scar the lives of thousands of persons in Jamaica.

"I will be kicking off Project Shanice soon under the motto 'Save Our Women and Children'. I want to kick off the campaign this month. Domestic violence is a serious problem. My mother went through it. My sisters went through it. I am more educated and conscious now about domestic violence now. We want to start igniting change in our society, so that is why I am stepping out and doing this," he said.

Cruz, who is known for the singles, Half-Way Tree and Too Bloody, is still in a daze over the death of his daughter.

"All now I still can't process it fully. It is like I am in a different place now. I can't even follow the trial ... just zoned out. But the love I am getting from people, my family, and friends keeps me going," he said.

According to news reports, Cruz's daughter, 15-year-old daughter Shanice Smith, and her mother, Karen Lyle, 40, were gunned down inside the Florida home of 32-year-old Kevin Nelson in February.

Reports are that Nelson called 911 and told the police that he had hurt people. Law enforcers and Nelson were in a five-hour standoff as police tried to gain access to the building after Nelson refused to surrender. When the police finally gained access to the residence, the bodies of the two females were discovered. It was suspected that they had been murdered days before and their bodies covered with a sheet.

Nelson has since been indicted by a grand jury on two counts of first degree murder.

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