Irish and Chin laud juggling sounds

March 09, 2017
Gilbert 'Irish' Murchison (left) and Garfield 'Chin' Bourne.
Sky Juice


World Clash promoters Irish and Chin have announced their US Rumble 2017 sound system clash line-up.

For this year's staging, the veteran promoters are excited to announce that Bronx-based juggling machine Platinum Kidds will be entering the US Rumble clash arena.

The sound system has developed a reputation as one of the better juggling sounds in the US, paying attention to dancehall and reggae music. Garfield 'Chin' Bourne, one half of Irish and Chin, believes the sound system will bring much excitement to the annual musical battlefield.


Little flavour


"In 2012, 2013, I made a vow to the sound clash arena that I would break down the walls that segregate clash sounds and juggling sounds, and just look at the arena as one place that sound systems dwell. Therefore, we came up with the acronym R.E.S.E.T (Restoring, Exciting, Sound System, Entertainment, Together) that together means clash sounds, juggling sounds and patrons. With that being said we've always tried to add a little flavour in our clashes when we can, and that flavour is usually from juggling sounds," Chin said.

Juggling sound systems are rarely participants in sound clashes. However, Chin feels they are just as efficient in a sound clash setting. This, he said, highlighting the fact that Sky Juice and Metro Media were able to nab the title a few years ago.


Clash sound


"Sound systems must come together to grant patrons excitement. In 2013 when I put Metro Media in World Clash I was faced with people saying they didn't belong in World Clash because they are not a hard-core clash sound. That year history was made as we crowned Metro Media World Clash champions, the first ever juggling sound to win World Clash," he said.

As for Platinum Kidds, the sound system is ready and waiting for the new challenge.

"It's a great feeling. Even though we are known for being a juggling sound, clashing has always been something we loved. It's a great feeling that we will get to show another side of Platinum Kidds," said Markus Wanted, who is a member of Platinum Kidds.

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