Akshon salutes the women on 'Whine Fi Mi'

March 10, 2017

Dancehall recording artiste Akshon is no stranger to the music business. He has released quite a number of singles in recent years that have been very well received and continues to captivate his audience with his musical offerings, this time with the release of his latest single 'Whine Fi Mi'.

The single was produced by Starr Fraternity Music and was unveiled in early October 2016. Akshon says the song is for the female population, and speaks to his admiration for women and their enthralling ability when they dance.

"Nowadays, when you go to parties the men are taking over the dance floor, so I decided to do this song to give the ladies a chance to have fun on the dance floor," he said.

Since the release of the song, the artiste has been doing his promotional rounds and has made his way to several major local radio stations.

"Feedback is great so far, the ladies love it and the man dem rate it to. I see this song being a hit, even spreading overseas. A lot of work has gone into it, and I really want to give thanks for all the love I'm receiving."

Plans are already under way for an upcoming video to be ready in the next few months.

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