Reggae can still sell, says Kaepable

March 10, 2017

Reggae artiste Kaepable, who is promoting a reggae song titled Mama Africa, believes that in order to improve the poor sales of reggae music, artistes must execute more rigid campaigns.

The artiste who is promoting a new record titled Mama Africa, recently told THE WEEKEND STAR that improving the overall functioning of the music industry means more than just producing better songs.

"I just want to say this. We can improve sales by campaigning for the music harder. We need to start making more substantial reggae music yes, but we also need to raise the standard of how we treat and go about our music business," he said.

Kaepable said that along with that, artistes need good marketing, publishing, and public relations because that is what the industry lacks.

Kaepable is also advising up-and-coming recording artistes to work on their craft.

The singjay told THE WEEKEND STAR that the onus is on the new generation to save the face of Jamaican music since the icons have already paved the way.

He is also asking that more respect be given to the pioneers of Jamaican music.

"We need to respect the elders dem because no matter how we act as youngsters, some of those veterans made some history that is yet to be duplicated or replicated by our generation. So what we have to do is view music like a graph. Look at the highest points in our musical history and apply those lessons to how we approach music and we shall see better results," he said.

'Mama Africa' is intended to shed light on issues affecting the black community.

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