Unicorn gets good feedback from new song

March 10, 2017

Dancehall artiste Unicorn has been generating a buzz in the street dance circuit with his latest single 'Feed The Crocodile'.

The hard-hitting single takes aim at scammers and hustlers who waste money on 'flossing' rather than putting their money to good use by helping the underprivileged and downtrodden.

"When mi seh 'feed the crocodile', a money mi a deal with because the same youths dem who commit the crimes are the ones who start out with a need. So my argument is that instead of flossing and material things, find a way to put money in the hands of the progressive crocodiles your friends and family - so the crocs don't turn on the society and become a problem," Unicorn said.

The single, which was released on the 4 Corners label in February, has caught the attention of local sound systems because of its positive message.

"Sounds like Lover's Choice, selectors from Uncontainables, Cardo, and Ruxie from CD Fantasy are giving it support. Plus, overseas radio deejays like Richie from Connecticut and a couple of foreign Internet radio stations a give me support," he said.




Unicorn is also expecting support from local disc jockeys in the near future.

"Mi just want people to get the message. Is not violence. A money mi a deal with. The crocodiles dem want to work for their honest bread. Hire them, give them jobs, feed the crocodiles, save the juveniles," he said.

Unicorn is known for the combination hit Think Bout Mi, alongside Macka Diamond, and is a well-known songwriter in the music industry.

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