Sagitarr's United States tour extended

March 14, 2017

Sagitarr has many reasons to smile these days after making a huge impression on both his United States-based fans as well as promoters while on his debut tour in that country.

What was initially slated to be a two-show tour has been extended after Sagitarr wowed audiences with two high-energy performances.

"Right now me feel proud of myself, the fans love me and it's always a wonderful feeling when your music is met with approval. After the second show, several promoters linked my management team requesting me for their venues, so we had to extend [the tour]," Sagitarr stated.

Born Lascelles Beckford, the Clarendon singer has been steadily growing his fan base, but since the release of his hit single Eye Fi Bleed, his career has grown internationally.

"It's a street song but very mellow, so I am not surprised that it is doing well in the streets locally, as well as in the US, Africa and Costa Rica," stated Sagitarr.

When he returns to Jamaica, he will continue promoting Eye Fi Bleed, Truly and Bad Angel, which have collectively garnered over 340,000 views on YouTube in a few months.

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