Kingston Mayor meets with Alkaline

April 06, 2017
Alkaline performing during the closing of Magnum New Rules last month.
Mayor of Kingston, Senator Delroy Williams.

The Mayor of Kingston Delroy Williams has declared his support of the Jamaican music industry, particularly dancehall. Based on tweets posted by Williams, he intends to invite discussions from local industry players for enhanced entertainment in the city.

On April 4, Williams tweeted: "Met with dancehall artiste Alkaline today and discussed the way forward re: entertainment in the city, the importance of music to Kingston."

Attached to the tweet was a photo of Williams posing with the Champion Bwoy singer. In a later tweet, Mayor Williams revealed that the meeting was impromptu, and took place while Alkaline was shooting a music video in his division.

Williams also tweeted that 'UNESCO values our music as being valued at 70 billion dollars.'

A report from Billboard Magazine in December 2015 valued the global music business to be worth more than US$65 billion, made up of copyright music, sound recordings, music publishing, sponsorship and live events.


Biggest earners


"With much work, we can capitalise on this and truly benefit from it. United we can really be a creative city of music," the mayor tweeted. "For example, so many music forms have been birthed from dancehall and the biggest earners are usually not from dancehall. Kingston is really home to music."

Kingston has also been added to UNESCO's Creative Cities Network, designated for music. Other creative cities designated for music include Liverpool (England), Hamamatsu (Japan), Mannheim (Germany), Brazzaville (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Salvador (Brazil). The other categories are crafts and folk arts, design, film, gastronomy, literature and media arts.

"As a creative city of music, we must create and demonstrate world class shows and acts in all season and genres. This year is very important in the life of this city and entertainment and music will (as it has always) play a role in the way forward," Williams said.

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