Kyoda wants success without dancehall drama

May 12, 2017

Recording artiste Kyoda has a burning desire to make it big in the music industry.

However, unlike several contemporary artistes, he doesn't subscribe to the current trend of using shock-value tactics, gimmicks and controversy to generate attention.

The youngster believes shock-value promotional strategies are damaging to the music industry and provides no long-term benefits to artistes.

"Mi nah knock nobody, but mi nah do nothing too extreme that don't reflect who I am as an artiste, because yu caan buss with a false image with the public. Yu haffi buss natural, little controversy to make the public talk, yes, but nothing too extreme or over the top, or which is a straight-out lie. Artiste fi buss natural so dem have more longevity in the business." he said.

He is no stranger to controversy, however, as some Internet marketers have been distributing his song Beat It as a counteraction to Ishawna's controversial Equal Rights.

He says the record was not intentional.

"My song actually came out before Ishawna's song. She ah say 'eat it' and mi a say 'beat it', but it just work out that way. People have it as a counteraction but it wasn't something I had in mind, but it ah help to push my song," he said.

The song also aggravated the Broadcasting Commission after it was performed on a local TV station recently.

However, the artiste says the sexually suggestive record is mild in comparison to some of the foreign records the commission has given the green light.

Over the weekend, the singjay shot a music video for Beat It.

The catchy single is produced by producer Leo Flexx, operator of the Intuitive Music studio. The instrumental is called Star Life and was created by Della Starz.

The video was directed by Caution Films. Kyoda is presently signed to a Europe-based label called Loud Entertainment, owned by Marlon Jennings.

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