Kalado denies copying Dexta Daps - says his video was done first

May 16, 2017
Dexta Daps
Facebook Hero

Dancehall artiste Kalado has denied allegations made by social media comedian Facebook Hero that he copied Dexta Daps by releasing a sexually laced video for the single 'Sexcited' on the weekend.

According to Kalado, his song was released in 2016 under Everstrong Records. The deejay says despite his decision to release his video while fans were speaking about Dexta Daps' effort, he is no copycat.

"I expect people will speculate because technically my video was released hours after the other artiste's video, but I had that video teaser on social media from November 2016," Kalado explained.

He also made it clear that he is not trying to imply that Dexta Daps was inspired by his video concept.




"Every artiste has their own creative method and I won't say anyone is following my concept from last year, but I also have not stolen any concept from any artiste. My video was being teased over six months now so any one following is certainly not Kalado," he said. "Many things delayed the release since we posted 'coming soon' on social media last November. After seeing the Dexta Daps video, I did not want to release my Sexcited video at all, but the producer didn't want to lose all that money he spent shooting it."

Facebook Hero compared both videos and basically trashed Kalado's effort, in the process, claiming the lead girl was not pleasing to the eyes and resembled a 'coke head'.

Kalado told THE STAR he does not pay attention to the comedian.

"Who Facepupzero? Mi nuh know weh him a sey because mi nuh too follow dem up. Mi neiven a comment," he said.

Kalado is promoting his popular record Bruk Foreigner as well as a new single Fresh To The Bone.

He is set to embark on his summer European tour this July and will be touring countries in Africa later this year.

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