Warlord in trouble? ... promoter considers legal action against Bounty Killer

May 17, 2017
Bounty Killer


Bounty Killer has seemingly found himself in hot water with promoters in Trinidad and Tobago, following statements he made on his Instagram page on Monday.

After news emerged that the entertainer cut his set short during a show and walked off mid-performance with fellow entertainer Beenie Man, Bounty Killer sought to set the record straight.

"Let me state this clearly, the promoters of Guinness Fully Loaded had never booked me to perform along with Beenie Man. They booked me and Beenie as solo acts and think that that's how it works as long as both artistes on the show, then we gonna work together," he explained. "I told them that they have to pay for that separate and they did not, so in my head I was gonna do what I was paid to do, which was my solo set."

Guinness Fully loaded was held at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, in Port of Spain, capital of the twin-island republic.

The promoters, Scorch Limited, caught wind of the entertainer's post and quickly issued a statement to the media refuting Bounty's claims and threatening legal action.


Financial commitment


According to local media in Trinidad and Tobago, Scorch Limited revealed that under the terms of the contract between themselves and the artiste's management team, Bounty Killer was supposed to have performed alongside Beenie Man for a maximum of 60 minutes, and rejects claims made in the entertainer's post that they reneged on their financial obligations.

"In the circumstances, Scorch Limited rejects the suggestion that it did not meet its financial commitment to the artiste as is being alleged in various social media outlets, presumably by the artiste himself," the statement said. "Scorch Limited further calls upon the artiste to explain in the public domain how he was unaware that the terms of his engagement involved his requirement to perform with the other Jamaican dancehall artiste with whom he shared top billing, since this was an express term of the contract presented by his management company."

The statement further read that "Scorch Limited takes umbrage to any suggestion that its conduct was less than professional in this instance and will consider all legal options available to it, in an effort to restore its exceptional reputation within the entertainment industry."

Given the latest developments regarding Scorch's statement, THE STAR sought further clarification from the entertainer himself but was unsuccessful.

THE STAR also contacted Solid Agency and was told that they were aware of all the developments surrounding the issue and would be releasing a statement in short order.

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