Kiprich, DHQ Nickeisha in song dispute

May 18, 2017
KipRich performing at Sumfest in 2011.
Marvin The Beast and girlfriend Nickeisha.

Dancehall Queen (DHQ)-turned-artiste Nickeisha has refused to promote her collaborative effort with KipRich titled 'Happy Life', citing that she was not properly credited for her role on the record.

Word has been circulating in the music industry that the dancer has ignored the record in an attempt to direct her full promotion machinery to the song Clean and Fresh, which is a collaboration with her spouse Marvin Di Beast. However, Nickeisha begged to differ.

"When they just produced the song, they never gave me no credit. The song only said KipRich and the YouTube uploads never had my name on it. It's because Clean and Fresh on my social media a buss, they now want my support. I was promoting it when it just came out, but I never get the right support from them. I don't have any problem with KipRich either," she said.

Marvin was also drawn into the mix since many have assumed that he is the one convincing his partner to ignore Happy Life. He told THE STAR he would never do such a thing.


Misjudged the situation


"KipRich a mi close friend so there is no way mi cudda tell Nickeisha that. People will say what they want to say," he said.

When contacted, KipRich said Nickeisha has misjudged the situation and should not take YouTube uploaders as legitimate sources for the proper credit of records.

"The song never released last year or no other time. The song will be officially released on Friday by Hapilos and Nickeisha's name is on the song. She is in the video and her name is on my VEVO (account) in the song. I don't understand when she sey the song release without her name because the song never officially released," he said.

KipRich said some YouTube clips were uploaded without her name because the song was leaked, but denied putting up the song.

"She was even calling herself Hot Up at the time and there are clips with her name as such ... so I don't know what the issue is because the song just a release and everything about the song I tag her name and her Instagram," he said.

The deejay also said there is no way he would have placed effort into developing her skills for the recording process, then ignore her credits.

"I coach her how to deliver the song and write it and everything. Then why would I not put her name on it? That nuh mek no sense," he said.

Happy Life has already amassed close to 300,000 views on since its upload two weeks ago. The video also features cameos from Kranium and Vanessa Bling.

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