Women let loose at Stress Free Fridays

May 18, 2017
The hottie was caught partying up a storm.
She had no problem showing off her smile.
This woman made a statement at the party.
These three took a stress-free break to pose.
These friends were out on a promotional trail.
Busy puffing away, this patron strikes a pose for THE STAR.
Friends of a feather, party together.

Patrons got rid of pent-up emotions with a high-tempo mix of musical presentations at the latest staging of Stress Free Fridays, which was held at Ace of Spade Lawn, 51 Mountain View Avenue in east Kingston last Friday.

The dancehall artiste-turned-selector Pittyless took over the turntables near the end of proceedings, and he treated the ladies to sexy songs. The women, in turn, made the best of the juggling, much to the delight of their male counterparts, who either watched with interest or joined with the females in typical dancehall fashion.

Here are some highlights from the event.

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