Spotlight to make Sumfest debut after 15 years

May 19, 2017
Recording artiste Spotlight

After years of waiting for a chance to perform before one of the biggest reggae audiences anywhere, dancehall artiste Spotlight is finally getting his chance to perform at Reggae Sumfest 2017.

Spotlight, who has dropped songs like King and Queen and Need Money since making a return to the music scene after a lengthy hiatus, told THE WEEKEND STAR that he would working overtime to make a lasting impression.

"It's a great look. I have been doing music over 15 years and I always saw the production and was swept away by it. I wanted to do this all my life, and now like how mi book fi it, a whole heap a thing mi have a cook fi it. Skatta already told me that I have seven minutes to show the world what I am made of, and I intend to make those seven minutes the best seven minutes of my entire life," he said.

The artiste, who is now based in New York, said he nabbed his space in the line-up through networking.

"I was at Downsound speaking to Skatta and he started to sing my song Need Money. I said to him that I wanted to be on Sumfest, he said the show was full to a level, but he would see what could be done, and he made it possible. When he called me about two days after, I was very excited. I can't thank him enough," he said.




The artiste also disclosed that he would be performing at several events leading up to the show, so as to improve his stage presence.

He recently performed at Kite Festival and is looking to make club appearances in New York.

"Fans can expect high energy and styles. I have a team of girls that will come out with me, and I also have an image I am working on because it's the full package. I am not intimidated; I have been in music over 15 years and I have been watching other artistes over the years. Inna life, you have to be confident in yourself because you will reap what you plant," he said.

Spotlight recently recorded a new single on the Ruler Rhythm produced by Cornelius records. The effort is titled Anne.

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