Super Six deliver the goods on MKQ

May 19, 2017
Magnum princess Suspense and prince Symatic were in a no-nonsense mood as they came out donned in black, with cutting lyrics to match at the Super Six of the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall live show last Saturday.

The Super Six were showcased on week 12 of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall on Saturday.

Rankin Pumpkin yet again defied the odds to remain in the mix. Bad Gyal Bambi lost her place to the 42-year-old Japanese native, to place fourth in the Queens' competition, while Tatik took the same place in the Kings' segment.

The Super Six performed twice to earn their spots in the semi-finals. A travelling Skatta Burrell left his judging duties to veteran artiste Ninja Man, who declared that Ali Ferrari's performance of Herbalist reminded him of Lady G and Sister Nancy.

Compass once again showed his command of the stage and the crowd with Magnum Tonic a Mek di Gyal Dem Panic.

A jubilant Rankin Pumpkin jumped with joy backstage before shaking off her nervousness to perform Mi Nuh Mix Up Inna Babylon. Vanzo's producer's choice, Big Ooman, impressed guest judge I-Octane.

Suspense once again took charge of the stage with Bad Gyal Medley, while Symatic's Naah Mind Nuh Man garnered a huge 'forward' as the last contestant on the memory lane.

For the second round of performances, the top three princes and princesses continued to impress the judges to declare that they were already "ready fi di road". Ali Ferrari chanted Buss It Up and Compass serenaded the ladies with My Kinda Gyal.

Rankin Pumpkin took Miss Kitty's advice to dance more on stage while she delivered Money Is Root Of All Evil, while Vanzo showed his other side with Just Ah Easy.

Ever the showgirl, Suspense, costumed as the Grim Reaper, declared she was the War Goddess. To close the show, Symatic all but secured his spot in the finals with Hard Bamma.

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