Shavelle celebrates 25 in style

May 20, 2017
Birthday girl, Shavelle Mayler, proudly shows off her age at her party at Ribbiz Ultra Lounge, in Barbican, St Andrew, last Saturday.
Shavelle Mayler shared the spotlight with her significant other Kory Dixon, managing director of K.O. Kustom Kars.
Sister of the birthday girl, Dwayna Mayler, beams for the camera.
Kingston 5 promoter Kareem Big Dreams came out to celebrate with Shavelle.
Pulse model Celine Deidrick stopped to grace our lens at Mayler's party.
Valencia McCrae and Horace Walker flash bright smiles at the birthday party.
Newlyweds Rochelle and Xavier Charvis were present for the celebration.

The excitement and anticipation was very much in the air as friends and family of the birthday girl awaited her arrival and grand entrance.

An hour after the arrival of guests, lady of the moment, Shavelle Mayler, a publicist, stepped through the door to shouts and cheers as she waltzed in looking ravishing adorned in a black and nude lace dress.

Mayler greeted everyone and then the drinks started to flow as the party got into full swing with the birthday belle, through her quirky little gimmicks, entertaining her guests.

DJ Cyrus was the musical genius for the night and took patrons on a musical journey from the '70s to current songs.

Mayler transformed the Ribbiz Ultra Lounge into the ultimate hot spot.

"This is obviously a special and enjoyable moment in my life. Everyone was on their feet dancing and singing to all the songs that the DJ played. Bottles of champagne were popping, and beautiful people partied the night way," an ecstatic Mayler told THE STAR. "The energy was high and the vibe was real. You could see that everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves as they partied non-stop.

As the night grew, so did the crowd. The venue was packed to capacity, leaving no room for bystanders, persons were either dancing or making way for those who were.

"Let's just say this was the ultimate 25th birthday celebration," Mayler said.

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