Munga Honourable maintains his innocence

May 24, 2017
Munga Honorebel
Munga speaks with THE STAR after he was wounded in 2015.

Dancehall artiste Munga Honourable is maintaining his innocence following reports that the entertainer was brought in for questioning for murder.

The entertainer's attorney, Christopher Townsend, told THE STAR that no charges have been brought against the entertainer, and says that while the entire process has been uncomfortable for the 'Flippin Rhymes' deejay, he is in good spirits.

"He is not worried. Of course, custody can be a little bit uncomfortable and he has indicated how uncomfortable he is, but he believes that in the end he will certainly be vindicated," he said. My client maintains that he has nothing to hide and he has cooperated fully with the police. No charges have been brought against him and he is looking forward to returning to his music that he loves so much."


Attacked two years ago


When contacted, the police confirmed that no charges have been laid against the entertainer and maintains that he is only a person of interest at this time.

Senior superintendent in charge of the St Andrew South Division, Arthur Brown, told THE STAR that the victim was the same man who attacked and chopped the entertainer in August 2015, but could not state if the victim's death had anything to do with that attack.

Townsend, however, revealed that there is some relation between his client being named as a person of interest in the murder of the man who attacked him two years ago.


Primary suspect


"I'm sure that has some part to play in the whole investigation process, but I suspect that they (the police) are following leads and information," he said. "He is still in custody while the police are reviewing their files, but from the tenure of the question and answer session it does not appear that he is their primary suspect and so if he is not released by tomorrow (this afternoon), we will be filing a habeas corpus application to seek his release."

Following his attack in 2015, Munga told THE STAR that he would not be seeking revenge on the person that attacked him.

"Revenge is not my forte," he said at the time. "Me nah encourage none a me fans or anyone to seek revenge. Positive movements."

The police have also sought to clear up miscommunication surrounding the entertainer's case by identifying the victim as Cleveland Smith and not 33-year-old warehouse manager Damian Williams, also known as Bigs.

He is also a murder victim, but the police say his death is not connected to the entertainer in any way.

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