Vanessa Bling slammed over raunchy song

May 24, 2017
Vanessa Bling

Dancehall artiste Vanessa Bling has received backlash from members of the church following the release of her sexually explicit record, 'My Position'.

According to the singjay, persons have been targeting her social media page making disparaging comments.

However, despite releasing a successful gospel record, Mercy On Me, over a year ago, she has never once sold her brand as a full-fledged gospel artiste.

Produced by Marcus Records, My Position leaves little to the imagination.

"I think some of the Christians are hypocrites. I have to do what I have to do, and when I put out my songs the world gets it. No sin is bigger than no sin and everybody sin, and I just can't understand them. You have pastors who have sex with underage girls and they are being hypocritical by targeting me," she said.




The former Portmore Empire member further stated that her music has always been rooted in slackness.

She believes that her gospel record, which was added to the playlist of several gospel radio stations, won her new fans.

However, she said the record should not have been be viewed as a total switch from hardcore dancehall.

"Even the man from Broadcasting Commission had emailed me, congratulating me about the song, telling me to keep strong when I was going through my case (involving Vybz Kartel). So yes, I know it went far in the Christian audience and even sinners saw me every day and said they loved the song and they wanted more, because it touched their hearts. But at the same time (though), I am a God-fearing person, but I did not tell anybody that I was a Christian," she said.

Bling said she will always talk about God, regardless of the songs she's doing.

"I read my Bible every day and I think the Christians should be praying for me instead of bashing me. I go to church and I pay my tithes and I trust in God. So [for who is] who blasting me, may God go with them," she said.

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