Jimi D ready for the spotlight

May 25, 2017
Jimi D

Reggae artiste Jimi D is ready to take his place in the musical spotlight.

The easy-going singer has been honing his craft since childhood. He started out by performing for his friends in high school.

As his love for music blossomed, he made use of every opportunity to sharpen his skills.

After leaving high school, Jimi D began touring as a background vocalist for his uncle, veteran reggae singer Don Carlos. This has also helped him to sharpen his skills as a performer.

"I don't want to run the risk of sounding clichÈd by saying music is an inborn thing for me, but I've been singing since I was a kid. My uncle played a big part in all of this. I can remember him asking me to sing Lionel Richie's song called Dancing On The Ceiling, repeatedly. As I grew up, I would just sing whenever and wherever I could."

He said that as soon as his vocals developed, Don Carlos took him on the road with him.

"This was a great experience. I travelled and performed with him all over the world. I really learned a lot from him," said Jimi D.

The artiste, whose given name is Christopher Chambers, was born and raised in Kingston. He launched his recording career in 1998 with a single titled Rastafari on the Queen Omega Label.

Jimi D is currently promoting a new single titled Morning Sex. The song was produced by Leighton Geniuss and released on the Geniuss Records imprint.

Some of his other songs are Just the Way You Are, Best Wine, So High and Some Like You.

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