Leave Ishawna alone! - Mayor says councillor is wrong for suggesting ban of deejay

May 25, 2017
Councillor Stephen Williams

Paul Thompson, the mayor of Port Antonio, yesterday said one of his colleague councillors was "wrong" to call for a ban on 'Equal Rights' advocate Ishawna from performing in Portland.

"You have to be careful in life not to be selfish, enuh. If you don't like something, there might be millions of people who like it," the mayor said.

His comment comes as the cool parish of Portland remains on fire following a steamy performance from Ishawna at the Bikini Beach show on Tuesday night.

Stephen Williams, councillor for the St Margaret's Bay Division in the Portland Municipal Corporation, lashed out at what he described as the lewd, reckless, irresponsible, and vulgar lyrics spewed by Ishawna during her performance at the event.

"Based on the reports that I have received about her performance, she should be banned from doing future shows in this parish," Williams said.

Performing at the highly anticipated show, Ishawna sought to educate her female audience on how best to get their partners to perform oral sex on them. She told them to use their fingers to caress clitoris and then place their moist fingers on their partner's lips.

However, Thompson, when contacted by THE STAR, said it is clear that Ishawna's Equal Rights has struck a particular note with Jamaicans, especially females.

"I think that song gone viral since she produced it. People enjoy it, especially the women. I heard that about 96 per cent of the patrons last night were women. What she is singing about so many men are involved in, but it is just that they don't want it to be known. And at the same time, you have men who suggest that they want to do it to women in public place," the mayor said.

He added: "First time when we were young we used to call it toast. We used to toast girls and lyrics them. Now as a man see a girl, him just stick out him tongue and gwaan wid all type of thing. It turn on some women, and it turn off some. I think we have to just leave those things."


Seeking attention


Claudia Minott, promoter of the show, told THE STAR that Williams appeared to be seeking attention when he made his call for a ban on Ishawna performing in Portland.

"If you ask me, he's just another person who wants a part of the fame," she said.

Meanwhile, after backtracking on his threat to rush Ishawna if she performed her oral sex anthem, Bounty Killer on Tuesday said that he holds no animosity towards her.

"I love Ishawna but I am upset with what she is promoting. She should instead do songs that can be played 20 years down the road. This is not our culture. We have instead adopted the American culture, and we have lost our way," Bounty Killer said at the show.

The Warlord performed at the same show where Ishawna appeared to have convinced many women in the crowd that 'bumpa to forehead' is the way to go.

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