Queen Kamarla banks on social media for big break

May 25, 2017
Queen Kamarla

Reggae artiste Queen Kamarla might be unknown locally, however the up-and-coming act has been raising eyebrows due to her exploits on social media.

According to the artiste, who is promoting a single titled Wah Gwaan, social media is her ticket to getting global attention.

"It's important to tend to your social media brand, as this provides you access to opportunities you might otherwise miss. Everybody you need in the music industry uses social media, ranging from promoters, fans and record labels. So I spend sleepless nights online tapping unto the global market," she said.


Big break


The artiste also name dropped artistes like Tanto Blacks, Gully Bop and Sean Kingston who received their break through social media.

"I used to be believe in the concept many preach that you should be so good that they can't ignore you. However as I get older, I realise that it is a crab in the barrel ting. You have to make your own opportunities, and that's how social media comes in," she said.

She said she gets much airplay in UK and the USA because when she goes live on Facebook.

"Deejays link me online and send their emails for me to send songs, people are getting to know me. It's the same way Gully Bop was in the trench deejaying and it went to social media and he blew up, yet this man was doing music over 20 years and did not get the backing he required," she said.

Queen Kamarla recently won an online contest bidding for a spot on RastaFest in November. The winner was selected based on the most likes/votes.

"I am also getting great feedback internationally from Internet radio stations in New York and Connecticut, so I will be stepping up the promotion in the streets," she said.

A UK tour is being finalised while she will undertake a three-state series of shows in the US this summer.

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