Jamaican travels to California for BRT

May 26, 2017
Ian Allen photo Necey (left), a Jamaican living in New York, and Renee who travelled from Red Hills, St Andrew, for BRT Weekend.

Palm Springs, California:

Eager partygoers from Jamaica have journeyed to Palm Springs, California, for Beach Road Trip (BRT) Weekend.

One such person is Renee, who travelled from Red Hills, St Andrew on Thursday. She connected through Fort Lauderdale and arrived in Los Angeles, the City of Angels, on Friday morning, and could not wait to soak up the weekend's activities.

"I learnt about BRT from my friend, Necey, and got excited about it," she told The STAR.

Renee said that having seen posts on Necey's Instagram account about the last staging of BRT in Florida, she got excited and decided she wanted to experience it for herself.

"So when I heard it was going to be in L.A., I flew down for the weekend," she said.

The California leg of BRT started on Friday.


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