CD Banging uses mixtapes to his advantage

May 27, 2017
CD Banging

Mixtape DJ CD Banging might be known for his mixed CDs more than his own music, but the popular DJ plans to change all that this year and is currently working with several top flight producers with the hope of getting his break as a recording artiste.

The DJ, who collaborated with Nadine Sutherland for a song called Fire in the early 2000s, says writing music and performing was his first love. However, due to the struggles associated with getting objective airplay on commercial radio, he decided to embark on a career as a mixtape DJ so that he could play his own music.

"I have been a recording artiste for 20 years, but I decided to start making mix CDs because I tried so much songs as a artiste and I couldn't see myself going where I feel like I deserved to be. So I started making mixes to help my friends, young artistes and myself because it wicked when yuh can't get yuh song dem out deh," he said.


My own platform


CD Banging told THE STAR that due to his popular mixes, he was able to network with producers and artistes alike. This in turn opened doors for new opportunities.

"If I was only a deejay they wouldn't check mi. But because mi a deal wid di mixtape thing nuff producers a link me and want mi voice. I couldn't go to a radio station because they would tell me $20,000 and $ 30,000, so I had to create my own platform to put out my own songs," said the DJ, who is currently promoting songs like Fresh Prince of Jamaica, Result Boss, Ukubit and Problem Steppa.

Formerly called Mr Banging, the DJ said his songs have been gaining traction internationally due to fact that his mixtapes have been reaching places outside of Jamaica.

"Right now I have friends in even California who sell CDs, and they say Snoop Dogg buy mi CDs so mi global right now. People sell mixtapes all over the world so I have to be consistent and even make all three mixtapes per week and my songs are squeezed into all of that," he said.

CD Banging is currently working closely with his mentors DJ Kenny and Don Kingston, who also assist with the promotion of his music via their mixtapes. He also told THE STAR that he has used his mixtapes to mould the careers of fellow recording artistes Kalado, Style X and Charly Black.

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