'Loud' Fashion, Music at BRT Glow

May 29, 2017
Patrons were in a dancing mood at BRT Glow Eruption.
(From left) Tatianna Ventus,Gabrielle Perez and Taneka Johnson from Sacramento, California at BRT Glow Eruption.

Palm Springs, California:

Possibly aiming to stand out in a crowd, patrons turned out at the BRT Festival Lawn for BRT Glow on Saturday night in Palm Springs California, dressed in extremely bright colours.

Most patrons were dressed in bright outfits - pink, yellow, blue, orange and anything glimmery - as they showed off their 'loud' outfits on the dance floor, while dancing to the selections of Coppershot, Lava, Krossfayah and DJ Hype.

While several couples made the most of the event, kissing and dancing together, one couple's antics caught the attention of patrons when a black male grabbed his Asian-descent female companion by the waist, launching her into a propeller-like spinning routine, much to her delight, as she tightly wrapped her legs around his waist. Needless to say, she was left wobbling a little before finding her footing when she finally hit ground.

Elephant Man's Pon the River Pon the Bank and Signal the Plane songs were obvious favourites for the BRT Glow patrons, as they followed every instruction that the songs echoed during DJ Lava's volcanic set.


Taking the party out of Lava's early-2000 infused session, the BRT Glow selectors teamed up and led the event into a dancehall set packed with the latest hits kicking, things off with "My dog dem affi live, my dog dem affi live ...", words from the song Infrared by incarcerated artiste Vybz Kartel and Masicka, which were quickly followed up by the commanding lyrics, "Dem coward like dog, never yet get a charge", words from Aidonia's song, Banga.

With the event now at its peak, the various selectors teamed up to make the best of the limited party time remaining, releasing an onslaught of dancehall tunes over the loud speakers while patrons waved their multicoloured glow sticks in response to the antics of Chris 'The Party Minister' Foster, who was perched on the top of the selector's table, enthusiastically shouting commands and dancing, quitting his antics instantly, much to the disappointment of the crowd, when security personnel delivered the police's message at 10 p.m., ending the event in accordance with local entertainment rules.

Despite the music being turned off, patrons were reluctant to leave, many lingering at the venue, contemplating their next move.

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