Music is not a vacation, says Tydal

May 29, 2017
Loyal Flames

Reggae artiste Tydal has collaborated with Loyal Flames for an effort titled 'Out Deh Rough', which is intended to empower fellow recording artistes who might be disheartened by the pressures of being part of the music industry.

According to Tydal, music is not all about the glitz and glamour as many persons assume.

"Nuff man feel like dem just wah drop out of school and run inna this, but dem must know seh it's a job. They feel like it's an easy road. Especially in Jamaica, they see how artistes live and feel like it came overnight. You have to work twice as hard, and sometimes artistes nuh sleep, dem don't see a bed," he said.

Tydal also disclosed that even the concept of a world tour is oftentimes understated. He said a tour is not about travelling to new places and sleeping in five-star hotels.

"Sometimes, you are on tour, and you can't even see your family. You are homesick. Some people on the road are not the easiest to deal with, and you can't get the type of food you like. So, this song is about educating the youth because dem don't know what music is about. It's not a vacation," he said.

importance of reggae

Tydal has been working with Ghetto Youth International under the wings of Damian and Stephen Marley. He has also done some work with popular European producers.

"We plan to do a video and some road promotion for this song. Loyal Flames and I are also gearing up for some shows in Latin America. The people of Latin America love reggae and dancehall. They don't speak English, but you would be surprised to hear them sing our music. We need to see the importance of reggae music and accept it as a great art form because foreigners already see the value in it," Tydal said.

The artiste is also asking that the Jamaican Government pay some attention to the development of reggae music and make investments where necessary.

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