Pray for Munga - Attorney urge fans to rally behind deejay

May 29, 2017
Munga Honourable
Munga speaks with THE STAR after he was wounded in 2015.



Attorney Christopher Townsend, who is representing embattled dancehall artiste Munga Honourable, is calling on fans to pray for the DJ who was slapped with A murder charge on Saturday.

"The most I can say (to fans) is, keep him in your prayers," Townsend told THE STAR yesterday.

This comes after the 'Gangsta Ras' was called in by the police for questioning last Monday, in relation to the shooting death of Cleveland Smith in Ackee Walk, St Andrew, two weeks ago. The deceased is the same man who chopped the entertainer in 2015.

Munga, whose given name is Damion Rhoden, was released on Wednesday, without being charged. However, he was again called in to the Hunts Bay Police station on Saturday, where murder charges were laid against him in relation to the same incident.


very unusual


"Certainly, I'm going to make that an issue as it relates to bail applications. It would seem that evidence turned up suddenly. I am not questioning the investigative process of the police, but certainly I find it strange that after he has been in custody, we went through our process, then somebody just come and miraculously gives the statement that implicates him. We find that to be very, very unusual," Townsend said.

He added that the Wine Pon It, artiste, was extremely surprised when the charges were laid against him, but he remained corporative during the process, and still maintains his innocence.

"If you know Munga, Munga is extremely quiet, very polite, very cordial, and so he dealt with it in that fashion. You have to remember too, that he turned in himself without any hesitation at all, both the first and second time that he was called. Police never went for him at all," Townsend said.

The attorney added that no court date had been set for the entertainer up to late yesterday, however, he expects it will be done this week. He will make a bail application on that date.

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