Show not rigged - Producer defends Magnum Kings and Queens competition

May 30, 2017
Rankin Pumpkin (left) finished as bridesmaid behind Suspense (right) during the Magnum Kings and Queens Final show at the Police Officers Club on Saturday.
Rankin Pumpkin (left) and Suspense, at the Magnum Kings and Queens Final show at the Police Officers Club on Saturday.
Magnum Kings and Queens Final 2017
Mark Kenny, executive director of the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall.

Mark Kenny, the executive producer of the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall, says suggestions that Japanese artiste Rankin Pumpkin hijacked this year’s competition are unfounded.

At the same time, Kenny has rubbished claims that the outcome of the deejaying competition, particularly on the female side, was rigged.

“It is impossible to rig the show because it’s a public vote and it is audited,” Kenny told THE STAR.

Rankin Pumpkin finished as bridesmaid behind Suspense. However, the Japanese artiste's journey has been a source of much public discourse with many persons opining that she lacked the talent and lyrical prowess to  make it to the crowning round.

Kenny, responding to a suggestion at forces behind Rankin Pumpkin made significant financial contributions to her campaign, defend the public voting method.

“How would she do that? Unless she had millions and she bought out the voting platform, and even in that case, it would be flagged. It’s impossible to do that,” he said.

Rankin Pumpkin’s manager, Desmond Harvey told THE STAR last week that she has strong support in her homeland.

"Rankin has never taken a pan on the road to beg money because our support is strong in Japan. Her family sells cars in Japan and own a car company. So they are also motivating their customers to vote for Rankin Pumpkin," he said.

Meanwhile, Rankin Pumpkin said that although the competition provided "very nice exposure" for her, she experienced its very dark side.

"Many racist comments from audience and contestants. Also one of the judge of the competition, I was very surprise how I was treated as a Japanese citizen. It seems as if they don`t want any other citizens to be in their competition. In some point, I wanted to quit more than once, but my Jamaican producer, African Symbol, say don`t quit," she said.

Kenny told THE STAR that Rankin Pumpkin’s statement was disheartening, especially considering that she was a finalist in the competition.

“That’s very disappointing that she said those things. She had a very good camaraderie with people backstage. She didn’t go to any of the producers and give information about ill-treatment, or derogatory comments,” Kenny said.

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