DJ Nicholas defends new song, video

May 31, 2017
DJ Nicholas

Amid concerns raised that his new video and single is 'too dancehall' in nature, Christian recording artiste DJ Nicholas is clarifying questions pertaining to whether he still considers himself a gospel artiste.

The recently released Shotta Man single, featuring Dunamis Reigns, is the new track from his fourth studio album The Audiologist.

The video and the single have raised eyebrows, however, because of its hard-core 'dancehall' sound and graphic visual content.

"As a Christian, we also have to talk about things that affect society as long as it does not contradict the Word of God, and that's what I'm doing with Shotta Man. The song was done to encourage mankind to stop murdering each other. God doesn't like it and what a person sow they reap, so be very careful," Nicholas said.

Shotta Man was shot in Spanish Town, Jamaica, by Ariff and Davine Butler for Bloozick Filmworks. It is based around a funeral of a known gunman involved in numerous violent incidents and now has faced the same end that he inflicted on others.

Nicholas also made it clear that this graphic and intense video is still relaying the message of his ministry.

"I know it's not what we would normally expect from a gospel artiste, but I don't consider myself a normal gospel artiste. I believe in singing the scriptures but I will also sing songs addressing real issues that need to be addressed. I anticipated that some of the churches wouldn't like it, but those who understand evangelism would," he added.

The Audiologist is scheduled for release in late July, his first official album release since 2011.

The album includes collaborations with Papa San, Kevin Downswell and Jermaine Edwards.

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