Entrepreneur seeks to help young artistes

May 31, 2017
Shaquawn Whittle of Artemis Entertainment

With a vision to lead young musicians in the right path, Shaquawn 'Shaq B Ikation' Whittle has founded Artemis Entertainment.

The company, which deals in music production, promotion and event management, is in full gear with its endeavour of becoming a major player in the entertainment field.

The 21-year-old entrepreneur describes his vision as being global as he has his eyes set on a worldwide campaign for his brand.

"Many young artistes are stifled in the business, and it is my goal to create a gateway for their talent. Being a producer has enabled me to broaden my reach as far as promotion goes, and I plan on using every tool available to bring this company and its vision to the top," he said.

Shaquawn gives credit to his mentors who have supported his move towards making his name in the industry.




"The board of directors for this company are my mentors. These individuals have taught me what I now know and now serve as the company's executive board to support me on this venture. Byron Mason and Militant are in charge of the UK platform and have always played an integral role in the company since inception. They have already successfully hosted numerous events which showcase new talent in an organised form," he said.

Artemis Entertainment will go through a name change in 2018 to Artemis Communications Group.

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