Magnum Queen Clymaxx unhappy with sponsor

May 31, 2017

Magnum Queen for 2016, Clymaxx, says her recent blast on social media regarding her relationship with the competition's main sponsor was not intended to draw any battle lines.

The entertainer told THE STAR that she felt the need to call out Magnum because she believes the brand has been trying to stifle her career.

In a post to her official Facebook page, following the conclusion of this year's show, the entertainer, who was noticeably absent from the finals, expressed that recently the relationship has been on the rocks.

"@magnumtonicwine unu a fight me hard eeh ... unu bill star fi use dem and wen unu cya use dem unu try stifle dem," she said in the post. "Bout unu nuh wah Clymaxx a finals tru unu did affi pay the 100g weh unu try deprive us of."


Start falling apart


When THE STAR contacted the artiste, she explained that as part of her contract, she was obligated to give Magnum three 'charity' performances.

She said she was subsequently booked for two shows and that's when things started to fall apart.

"We had a disagreement where it concerned two shows they had previously booked me for. They told me that we (herself and the male winner from 2016) would not be compensated because it's in the contract that we were supposed to (perform)," she explained. "Me never really pay it nuh mind because me never go back for the contract at that time (after the first performance). It was when they told us about the event in January me did affi go make reference to me contract because me a say how dem fi a have dem two big shows yah and dem nuh wah compensate we and it's not a charity event."

After reviewing her contract, she saw where she was supposed to be given $50,000 for each of the shows as neither met the criteria of the charity event as stipulated in the contract. She was subsequently paid for her performances.


Free performances


THE STAR contacted J Wray and Nephew, the parent company of the Magnum brand. But aside from confirming Clymaxx's post, representatives declined to comment on the matter.

Past winners of the competition have, however, confirmed that as part of their contracts they are supposed to give three free performances.

They pointed out, however, that Magnum would have the say in what shows are considered free. Clymaxx told THE STAR she did not want to take on corporate Jamaica but would not allow anyone to take advantage of her.

"We affi be grateful fi di fact say we a get exposure from being televised every week but at the same time it's not an easy road after the competition. A nuff likkle opportunities we affi pass up because we can't do work for other brands weh nuh associated with Magnum. After yuh win, yuh affi push yuh own weight because after the competition nobody nah push fi yuh."

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