Jay X targets positive music for big break

June 06, 2017
Jay X

Recording artiste Jay X is batting for positive music and has released a song titled 'We Naw Give Up', which is intended to prove to detractors that positive music can still break an artiste commercially.

The rise of social media has given rise to mediocrity and shock value where the marketing and production of music is concerned. However, the artiste believes the music industry ought to employ a selection process based on merit instead of treating music as a free for all.

"I have positive music, but people seem to gravitate to negativity more. It's a pity, because there are so many good artistes in Jamaica doing good music and they are not getting the right attention, or the proper investment," he said. "This song is a bit controversial because I feel the need to get people's attention, because it is as if your good work has been falling on deaf ears."

Jay X has been busy in the studio working on follow-up projects. He also hopes to increase his presence on social media to extend his fan base.

"Dancehall music is a young man's sport and, as such, I know the onus is on me to be the best I can be from the get-go. So people who love good music, I need your backing. This is not just for me, it's for reggae and dancehall's longevity," he said.

We Naw Give Up is self-produced and has been released under Jay X's Ice Gang Entertainment.

"I am also working on my debut EP called The New Chapter, and fans can expect nothing less than some real lyrical skills, good production and, overall, a decent entertainment package," he said.

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