Sophisticated DD celebrates birthday with 'Flawless' party

June 06, 2017
Sophisticated DD (left), the birthday girl, with the host Swagg Mumma.
This patron gets low to the music.
Sophisticated DD, the birthday girl, gives a 'chuups' to her beau Ninje.
Lady Shy, Ace of Spade's 'first lady', stuck nicely to the party's theme.
This duo made good use of the musical presentations at Flawless Victory - The Gold and Black edition held at Global HQ, in Harbour View recently.
This patron must be a happy man, with two hotties getting on bad with him.

It was a special moment for Deandra Minott aka 'Sophisticated DD' who turned 30.

To celebrate the milestone, Minott put on a party titled 'Flawless Victory The Gold and Black Edition,' held at Global HQ in Harbour View recently.

"Patrons were out early, entertainment was great as DJ Hattaklaps and Foota Hype kept the crowd going all night long. Overall, it was a phenomenal event and the host, Swagg Mumma, delivered as always," said Sophisticated DD.

Here are some highlights of the party.

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