Romain Virgo delivers new song, video

June 08, 2017
Romain Virgo

Romain Virgo is back with a breakout hit and new video for his current single Now. The reggae crooner, whose last EP “Lifted” was released in 2015, gives fans a taste of his upcoming album with this dancehall flavoured track.

Filmed in Irish Town and Hope Gardens Kingston Jamaica, the video, produced by Ruption Design Studio was released on Romain's VEVO Page onJune 4. 

“We are having a good time, sharing the moment and I say to the girl, after this moment I will fall in love with you,” said Romain about the video.

Now begins with Romain rescuing his love interest from a rainstorm, as the attraction continues to grow, he offers to take her to his end of town. She resists, but ultimately takes him up on his offer. They end up at an outdoor party where Romain makes a very public declaration, that she is his girlfriend now.


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