Cash Money Sound makes return

June 09, 2017
Scratchy B

Sound system owner Scratchy B of Cash Money Sound has his eyes set on taking over the mixtape scene, an arena that he dominated in the early 2000s.

Cash Money Sound was instrumental in the rise of the Portmore Empire and helped the careers of dancehall acts like Vybz Kartel, Deva Bratt and Blak Ryno.

However, following a successful run on the entertainment scene, Cash Money disappeared from the mainstream.

"I was overseas touring places like Canada, England and the US. I was still making mixtapes, but it was too awkward, so I had to pull back. Every month, people can now expect at least 10 new Cash Money mixes because I want to return on the tongues of the people. I will be breaking young artistes as usual. I like to have music that nobody else has, so that is why I always work with young artistes," he said.




The selector also said Vybz Kartel's incarceration has not impacted the sound system negatively.

"If Kartel nuh give me no song, mi get song from nuff other artistes. But a my artiste that same way. He is one of the most loyal artistes I have ever worked with. Some of them, as dem buss dem feel like dem on top of the world. I am using social media to my advantage, and as long as I am doing my work, people must seh mi a work wid da man ya. Artistes still continue to ask me to put them on my tapes and the work continues," he said.

Scratchy B also said he will be trying to spend more time in Jamaica in order to reconnect with the Jamaican fans.

"Foreign nice, but no vibes nuh better than here. Big up Down to Earth Productions and New Image, who have been working with us over the years, and big up all of Portmore. Look out for my new mixtapes this month," he said.

"All of us as veterans should share the responsibility to ensure the continuation of our music culture, and this is my contribution towards it," Scratchy B said.

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