DXL wants to inspire youth through music

June 09, 2017

Music is not the only cause of violence but can contribute to it, according to up-and-coming entertainer DXL, who has embarked on a journey to send positive messages through his music.

The artiste recently released a social commentary record titled Pay Day. He told THE WEEKEND STAR that despite the constant struggle to live his life on the right path, he still has a responsibility to direct others in the right direction.

"It is very important. In fact, an artiste contributes to the direction of the younger generation. We are the voices in their heads, so it's very important that we feed them positive messages. Kids listen to us more than we think, and I am a positive person,' he said.

Despite his stance on the importance of promoting a positive lifestyle, the artiste was adamant that music is not the main contributor to criminal activities.

"I believe that art imitates life. So, an artiste sings about things that's already going on, and even with or without music, we would still have violence in society. We need to motivate and educate our youth for tomorrow. I have great concern and love for Jamaica, but I am bothered by the crime and violence not only in Jamaica, but around the world," he said.

DXL stressed that the creation of jobs could potentially curtail the tendency for the youth to resort to illegal means of earning money.




"We can fix the situation by lowering the level of uneducated youth in depressed communities by creating more jobs and opportunities for them. This song is called Pay Day, so it's important for the youth to get employed, because that is the only way you will see a pay day without sacrificing your morals," he said.

Pay Day was produced by Jim Cronic Music, Pressure Dem Records and Xwavez Records. The project is available on YouTube and iTunes, and has been receiving rotation on commercial radio.

"I am very creative, and I believe in conscious and quality music that will transcend over time. I try to do positive music, so you can always expect great music. I am currently working on my album, and it will be a mixture of dancehall and reggae music," he said.

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