Jah Jah Neil wants to inspire with music

June 09, 2017
Jah Jah Neil

Dancehall-reggae artiste Jah Jah Neil is hoping his energy, style and message will be welcomed by the music industry.

The artiste, now working with Jahovia's Records, has since released a record titled Tingi. He said the ultimate goal is to create good music.

"I see myself delivering positive messages on the world stage, getting the opportunity to show the world my talent and be on the charts. In my music, there is a message that everyone can relate to," he said.

Neil describes himself as a versatile artiste, but believes his strong point is dancehall, as it helped him through life as a child.

"I lost my father at a young age and had to be brought up by my mother alone, facing hard times. During that period in my life, I used to construct songs which provided a medium by which I expressed the everyday struggle that I was going through," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The artiste believes his success in the music industry will empower those youth who believe their struggles are too powerful for them to conquer. Tingi is based on real events.

"People can learn from this. You cannot expect to sit down and have success fall into your lap like that. You want good life, you want to be able to take care of your family. But none of that comes easy or overnight. It's the same thing with my music. I have to put in the extra effort if I want to make an impact," he said.

Jah Jah Neil is already performing at several events in an attempt to increase his presence locally. He also disclosed that he has been getting positive reviews from overseas.

The artiste also believes people in the music industry need training.

"Singers and players of instruments need to be properly trained in the art. Just as any other profession, the business and every aspect of the industry needs help," said the Clarendon-born act.

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