I want back my life! - Selector refused to use obeah to beat drug case

June 14, 2017
Chunky 4 Star

Popular selector Chunky 4 Star has been freed of drug charges, and is ready to take his career to the next level.

The selector, who rose to prominence under the wings of Foota Hype, said the four years he spent battling the Jamaican justice system was the worst experience of his entire life.

During his predicament, he was unable to travel, and this resulted in the depletion of his income, especially since he also had to pay lawyer fees.

He also said persons advised him to seek the assistance of an obeah man to beat his case.

“Dem tell mi fi go to obeah man, and mi never listen. One artiste tell me seh obeah man help nuff people beat case. But mi just pray to God and have faith because I am youth who always do good, so I knew God would not fail me. So since I believe in God, there is no way I could corrupt the relationship and go to obeah man as mi get tested with a situation,” he said.

Chunky 4 Star was charged with possession and intent to distribute marijuana in 2013. He rubbished the charges laid against him claiming he was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

He also thanked Foota Hype for supporting him in his time of need.

“Only Foota Hype alone give mi some money when I was going through my situation, and I am very grateful for that. It is sad that I was so close to achieving my goals, and within split seconds it’s like my future was erased. The Jamaican justice system is so poor that I was going to court for four years just to hear the judge speak to me for two minutes and put off the case consistently. I knew I was gonna be freed because I don’t own the premises, and at the time I didn’t even own a bicycle. So, if I was selling weed, why wouldn't I have money?” he said.


The selector said he lived at a family house which was home for several persons. Sadly, he was at the premises that early morning in 2013 when the police decided to carry out a search of the area. He said the search resulted in the officers finding more than 400 pounds of marijuana, and without hesitation, they proceeded to lay the charges on him.

“They found the ganja in an old house on the same premises and a nuff a we live there, but a me and mi little bredda alone was at home so they charged us. There was also a friend of mine who stayed there and do electrical work, and he got charged too. I had nothing to do with it. I don’t do drugs nor nothing illegal. A music a my thing. When I am not doing music I am at the library helping kids with their homework and giving back to the Cassava Piece community,” he said.

Chunky 4 Star is gearing up to host an event on June 23 called Exclusive Champions League at the Startime Sports Bar on Mannings Hill Road in St Andrew to signal his return. He is also booked to appear on several shows during the summer.

“I was next in line to be one of the top acts. Me, Foota Hype, Mavado and Boom Boom are from the same era. The case mash up mi life, and I don’t even want to see no negative vibes. If a man box mi right now, I say, 'Thanks, sir' and gone bout mi business. Mi lose nuff money a fight case, and I just want back my life right now,” he said.

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