Sisters Nadiva and Neisha plead 'Don’t Hate'

June 22, 2017
Nadiva Devereaux
Neisha Robinson-Reid

United States-based Jamaican singer Nadiva Devereaux (given name Narda Malcolm) has teamed with her sibling Neisha Robinson-Reid for her latest project, the thought-provoking single, Don't Hate.

The song, produced by Nadiva on her Nadiva Music label, is based on the sisters' formative years in Roehampton, St James, before Nadiva migrated to the US.

"This song means a lot to both of us, it's very personal. It's about our struggles growing up in Jamaica," Nadiva, who is now a professor at North Carolina Central University, told THE STAR.

She said the collaboration came about without prior planning as she was unaware that her sister wanted to record with her, until she visited her in North Carolina last December.

"My sister and I are very close. We grew up singing together so we've always had that musical connection but we've never recorded together. I was so elated when I found out that she wanted us to do a song together," she admitted.

She said as soon as Neisha indicated her desire, she booked studio time for the project.

Neisha, in the meantime, described the project as a dream come true.

"I'm so happy that Nadiva and I finally have a song together. It's my first recording. It has a very positive message and I'm hoping that it will reach the people. Even if it's not a hit I will still be happy because this is something I've always wanted."

Don't Hate is expected on iTunes and other music platforms by the end of June.

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