Best of Festival back with a bang

June 23, 2017
Port Antonio High performs a Bruckins routine.
Laud Dance Ministry performs 'Don't Let Go'.
A student at the Torrington Early Childhood Institute delivers a piece in the speech category.

The Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre will come alive with the return of the highly anticipated Best of Festival Series, a Jamaica 55 event, beginning on Tuesday.

A five-day event celebrating the best of the performing arts in the areas of dance, drama, music, speech and traditional folk forms, the Best of Festival series will display award-winning performances selected from the 2017 National Festival of the Performing Arts.

Organised by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), an agency of the Ministry of Culture, Gender Affairs, Entertainment and Sport, Best of Festival will begin at 7 p.m. daily.

The concert series begins with the Best of Music on Tuesday, followed by the Best of Drama on Wednesday, June 28 and the Best of Traditional Folk Forms on Thursday, June 29.

The Best of Speech will take place on Friday, June 30, while the Best of Dance will close out the series on Saturday, July 1.

Performers will come from across the island and range from as young as six years old.




"Our performers and performances bring a special flair to the performing arts scene through the diversity of the programme. Our performers come from right across the island and bring the individual flavours of their parishes to their performances," said Stephen Davidson, director of marketing and public relations at the JCDC.

He continued, "That diversity is further seen in each performing arts area, as Best of Music will showcase choirs, wind and string orchestras and reggae bands, while Best of Dance will highlight modern, contemporary, praise and African dances."

Best of Traditional Folk Forms will featuring Dinki Mini, Bruckins, Maypole and Quadrille, while Best of Speech will have storytelling, dub poetry and stand-up comedy. The Best of Drama will feature pieces from the categories comedy, fantasy and experimental.

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