House of Dancehall hosts 45 Sound Clash

June 23, 2017
Dancehall Queen Carlene

The House of Dancehall has kicked off its weekly sound clash, dubbed '45 Shoo-tout' this week and will run until July 21.

"We are trying our best to defend dancehall and carry it back to its roots. One such way is their weekly sound clash, '45 Shoot-out'," said Shona-Lee S. Thompson, marketing manager at Whirlwind Group of Companies, parent company of House of Dancehall.

"The name may be a bit raw compared to what the public is used to from companies, with events being sponsored by so many corporate entities that they lose their spice and authenticity. But our aim is to bring back raw, unfiltered dancehall, part of the reason we have the original Dancehall Queen Carlene as an ambassador," Thompson added.

Tonight will see a face-off between One Mission, Little Ninja, Impact Sound and Fire Reds.

The event is co-produced by one of the leading sounds of the sound clash era, Exodus Nuclear, and is held every Friday at 6 Cargill Avenue, across from the former home of House of Leo.




Four sounds battle weekly, going up against each other in multiple rounds, all uncensored.

"The majority of points are awarded for crowd response and not the owner's deep pockets, resulting in the competitors carrying literal busloads of supporters with them, vuvuzelas in tow. Horns echoing, blanks 'bussing', girls wining, this is the real deal," Thompson said.

Since its inception, House of Dancehall has hosted events including Frankie Paul's last performance, numerous car sound clashes, a Ninja Man vs Merciless clash, and various artistes, including Masicka, Agent Sasco and Josey Wales.

On Saturday, Beenie Man and Carlene will share the stage for the first time ever as the venue launches its Satdeh Nite Live series.

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