Crime - the party pooper

June 27, 2017

The upsurge in the crime rate in Montego Bay, St James, has had a ripple effect on social events in the city.

Jaiyson Spence, an event promoter, said his events are affected by the high rise in criminal activity.

"It affect everybody ina di MoBay region right now," said Spence. "Di party dem all shorter cause it (the crime) give di police dem a harder time, suh dem haffi turn it off," he said.

Homer Davis, the mayor of Montego Bay, told the WESTERN STAR that some areas have come under the scrutiny of the police "based on the level of criminal activity.

"I would imagine there has been a decrease in the number of licences being issued, because if the crime is up, then the police definitely don't want any gathering. Hence, they are reluctant to or just don't issue any permits for those areas, and you can understand why. It's for security measures. They don't want to be called to any crime scenes," the mayor said.

Spence, who staged 'Road 10 Fish Fry and After-Party' in Liliput two Saturdays ago, said his patrons complained that the party ended too early.

"I would say it was successful even though some people say it lock off too early, but the police have to do their work and we can't fight against the police or authority," he said.

The promoter also said that for some of his previous events, the high rise in crime has caused him to lose profit as partygoers tend to stay away from social gatherings out of fear of being caught in any crossfire. As a result of this, Spence has had to employ different measures to market his events.

"You have to plan more day events. If you usually have a late-night party, you have to set it for an earlier time because less people come out in the night. More people come out in the day," said Spence.

Up-and-coming promoter Eddian Edwards, who plans to host an event in Ironshore in July, is not worried that the criminal activity in the city might cause his event to be affected negatively.

"I'm not worried that the crime will affect the turnout. Maybe ah true mi a go have extra security there, just in case." he said. "Extra security measures just fi ensure that proper security is there for the patrons. I have no concerns. Better safe than sorry." he added.

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