Armzhouse Records hits with Ishawna's 'Bad Man'

June 28, 2017

Armzhouse Records is on a new high with Ishawna's Bad Man after gaining much success from their recently released 'Forever' rhythm.

The song, which was officially released on all major digital media outlets through Johnny Wonder 21 Digital Distribution on June 8, has already racked up more than 250,000 streams online.

Speaking with a producer at Armzhouse Records, he shares that Ishawna is a controversial artiste but very talented, and she displayed on the track what it means to think outside of the box.

"Ishawna knows how to captivate her fans and bring new projects to the table that will allow her to keep gaining new ones. No one expected a song like this, and for that reason it went viral. Everyone is anticipating the visuals behind the single, and we will deliver in coming weeks," the producer said.

"Even though Ishawna is already out there, we still have to put in the groundwork to ensure that the song reaches the height we intend it to. In the coming months, we see the song dominating the dancehall scene in several international countries."

Armzhouse Records is known for numerous hits within the industry and vows to continue building their discography with tracks that appeal to each fan in a different way.

"We put a lot of work into each song that leaves our label, and when it is all over, we want fans to be able to say they received the best quality work there is while being entertained," he said.

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