Females support Smoodface's 'GoGo'

June 28, 2017

Producer-turned-artiste Smoodface is creating quite some buzz on the local dancehall scene with his single 'GoGo'.

The single, which has already dominated airwaves in the United Kingdom, has since racked up more than 100,000 streams online.

The UK-based singer, who is currently in Jamaica on a promotional tour, has taken his promotion to the streets in a bid to keep the momentum going.

The song was self-produced on his label, Glendevon Records, and is available on all digital media outlets through Glendevon Records and Zojak Worldwide.

"The single has been building momentum online for the past couple of months and since then, it has gained favour among the ladies. I decided to treat them as a part of my promotional campaign," Smoodface said.




As part of the promotion, the artiste and his team visited various nightly events to distribute appliances to the ladies who showed support by dancing to the track.

"Many viral videos of these talented females have been circulating online, and it's a tremendous feeling to see how widely received my music is," Smoodface said.

"Everyone who knows me knows I show appreciation to all my supporters. These ladies who dance are very talented, and I respect what they do. They choreograph some of the hardest dance moves and are the talents behind many hit songs in Jamaica. My music is an art. Their gift of dancing is an art. The least I can do is let them know they are seen and respected."

Smoodface also shared that he will be releasing an official EP later this year which will feature a fusion of dancehall, rap and reggae music.

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