Vybz Kartel soundalike wants own recognition

June 28, 2017
Contributed Blast

Vybz Kartel's soundalike, Blast, has been getting major attention on social media due to his vocal similarity to the incarcerated deejay.

The young artiste, who is working with artistes like Ding Dong, Tornado, Kalado and Eklypse, is promoting his debut effort, titled Party Don. He says he is not trying to be the next Vybz Kartel, however, he can't help it if he naturally sounds like the deejay.

"They compare me to Kartel because of the sound and the vibe, but we are trying to create our own lane. It's not deliberate. A just so wi stay. We bring a sound that is youthful, and I have been doing this for about 12 years now, so I know the direction that I want to go," he said.

Blast also admitted that his views on social media have been inflated due to his vocal similarity to Vybz Kartel. He, however, noted that he has not tried to mislead Gaza fans or promoters.




"People hear my song and think it's his song, but I just want people to know that my songs are mine and his belong to him. It's just a natural thing. What I have been doing to distinguish myself from him is to focus on youthful content, and my choice of rhythms are always different. Kartel has a set of producers who he works with for a certain effect, but I go for a different production sound," he said.

The deejay considers his voice a blessing, but also pointed out that he has not tried to exploit the Vybz Kartel brand.

"It's a blessing and mi can't change that. I have never done dubplates copying him, because we don't need to do that. If people want to refer to me as a young Kartel, I have no problem with them, because it's straight respect. A long time wi a do music, and wi feel like a our time now," Blast said.

Blast has been doing rounds of promotion in New York, and hopes his local buzz will be at a respectable standard by 2018.

"Young people are the future of this music because we are the next generation, so we need the endorsement of all real people who support music," he said.

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